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Ethiopia the land regarded by many as a historical and scenic wonderland, Ethiopia , which is today almost as large as France and Spain combined, is a country of great antiquity, beauty, and complexity. Possessed of some unique culture, or cultures, it has been regarded with fascination by outsiders, for several millennia at least, and looked upon as land of mystery.
Set amongst rugged Mountains, Ethiopia have always evoked diverse images, in the minds of people of the centuries. To the ancient Egyptians, who presented the first truly historic image of the country, Ethiopia was the land of the Gods, the source of the Life-giving River Nile; To the ancient Greeks she is believed to be the "far-off country" frequently visited by the Gods and inhibited by the "blameless Ethiopians" and referred frequently in the Bible as a country with prophecy as proclaimed in psalms 67, "...soon stretch forth her hands to God." Ethiopia, from the beginning of the Christian era, was the site of the Aksumite Empire, which extended beyond the present day Yemen in Middle East with headquarters located in what is now the north of country.
Wade through incense into a medieval world hewn from stone in Lalibela, and watch the line between past and present blur while taking part in striking Christian Ceremonies that have not changed in 1000 years. Ethiopia's stories and sovereign history has left its wide-ranging and fertile highlands laden with historical treasures, ranging from the ancient tombs and obelisks of Aksum to 17th-century castles, palaces, places of worship and Ancient manuscripts. Many are more than a peek into the nation's past; they are treasures defining a people.
Ethiopia's landscapes are no less dramatic, and range from the Simien Mountains National Park and Bale Mountains National Park, which presents opportunity for trekking and innumerable interactions with dozens of animals and birds seen nowhere else on earth, to the Danakil Depression in Northern Ethiopia, fascinating and unforgivingly hostile environment offering extreme adventure. The remote lowlands in the sultry southwest are also home to untold adventures and house some of Africa's most fascinating tribes.