special programs & events...

Planning Special Programs and Events can be exhilaration, especially when such moments cannot be recaptured ever again.  During Special Programs & Events,  losses  of various kind occasioned by failure or lack of right type of equipments, unforeseen or unplanned incidents, lack or failed backup plans or capability of the hands to which such occasions are committed and other contingencies can be of great price to the organisers;  

At Events Tours & Organisers, we have developed Expertise and capable hands to which you can commit your special Programs and Events with the assurance that every memories of the ocassion at the end will be sweet, lasting and unforgettable. From Conferences to Stakeholders' meeting; to Special Occasions like Weddings, Parties Ceremonies, Family Celebrations and others we at EVENTS TOURS & ORGANISERS assures you are safe hands. Some special events we work with include:

Trade fares & Exhibitions: We help plan events such as Trade fares and Exhibitions focused on connecting you with your market and ultimately your consumers. We can secure places at Trade fares and Exhibitions which might be of interest to your organization. In the event you are planning conferences and events, we at EVENTS plc can facilitate Contract negotiation with Venues and 3rd Party suppliers, Logistics planning, Organise Participants Registrations, Accommodation/Housing desk, Programme Development, Marketing Services, Provision of Conference Programme Proceedings, Papers and Publications. We can help ensure that your plans and programs are dutifully Executed to your taste and demand.

We also are involved in the Organisation of Beauty Pageants Contest helping to search among bevy of beauties for both beauty and intelligence amongst contestants bringing to forth winners that represent the true ideals of what objectives your organization represents and stand for.

Likewise, as beauty and trends go hand-in-hand; our Company also work with fashion Designers and Enthusiasts to bring about Fashion Shows and Events which can be all inclusive touching grounds with leaders of fashions both within and outside of Ethiopia

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Our mission at EVENTS TOURS & ORGANISERS is "An ear attentive to your needs to create together the program for you."

You have a lot at stake. We take into consideration your needs and concerns, from the Conception of your project through every stage until its Completion...

For further information Contact us at EVENTS TOURS & ORGANISERS, our Associates are waiting to attend to your needs.