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Ethiopia has a landscape suitable for beginners, intermediate and expert cyclists. The beauty of mountain cycling is its challenge. Cycling in Ethiopia can test your physical conditioning, bike handling skills and courage with its different landscapes. If you are a cycling addict and enjoy riding for obstacles, steeper grades and at the same time experience life time adventure tour, all our packages will give you the most fascinating opportunity.

Ethiopia has many lakes and rivers, from nearby Debre Zeit to places as far as the borders. Fishing is not a popular tourism in the country but the traditional boats and ways of catching makes it much entertaining. For a day or two programs are available on your choice and will be an en route activity to give yourself a variety experience in Ethiopia.

Horse riding in Ethiopia is famous among locals on their day to day activities while visit local markets and a little far rural villages. Particularly around Ethiopian Orthodox Churches its custom as a pilgrimage, dense indigenous forest, birds and wildlife are some of the highlights as well. We provide long and short horse treks and rides of different routes across the scenic central plateau of Ethiopia. And your itinerary can be done from a one day excursion up to twelve days trip.

Water rafting in Ethiopia ranges from the well suited 17 miles commercially rafted Awash River which last one day that flows along the border of Ethiopia’s Awash National Park, home to many species of birds and exotic African wildlife which is possible to explore the whole year; To the remote Omo rivers, one of the wildest, most secluded, the most scenic places on Earth, the the greatest in all aspects of adventure: challenging terrain, exotic wildlife, extraordinary culture, and breathtaking scenery which will take one to two weeks, depending on what section of the river is being explored from September to December only.

The land escapes, in the highlands of Ethiopia are one the unique features. The layered volcanic rocks of Ethiopia’s simian Mountains creates some of the planets greatest cliffs for a unique and spectacular trekking experience. Above all the Tigray rock hewn churches have unique cultural heritage and spectacular mountain sceneries. To get in there you need to climb up at least for an hour to the nearest Degum sillasie, or as far as Mikael Melehayezenghi which will take 7 to 8 days trekking the hard rocks, and unbeatable cliffs .It is best to enjoy the wonderful view across the Gherelta Plains. The scenery is breathtaking and the mountains resemble pillars reaching to the sky.