Trekking across...

With landscape so beautiful and Nature so endowing to the country that she is a pleasure of the travelers over the generations. The blending of Nature endowment and the culture of the People across the country are enough reasons to walk the land known and mentioned even in the ancient times. In terms of security Ethiopia is known to be one of the most peaceful places in Africa where your security can be guaranteed. If you are planning some of your Tour visit to be partly trekking, you have a great place in Ethiopia and at Events tours & Organiser we help plan your trekking adventure through many of the lands of the country.

Some of our offers and Trekking packages include trekking across Surma lands, the trekking package over the Siemens Mountains and the exciting trekking tours over and across the Bale Mountains which is part of the rift valleys that spreads all the way through Kenya, separating the African continent from the other continents.

As you trek across the land your will come across the different tribes and nationalities, you will see animals in the natural habitats and if you are in-love with bird watching what better opportunity to see many of the birds that you will not see in many parts of the world?

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tribes you MAY come across...

The Bodi: The Bodi lives close to the Omo River in the Southern-Western part f Ethiopia; they have cattle centered culture like the Mursi tribe with their cattle and livestock playing important role in their marriage, divination. One of the festivals you might witness is the Body-Building competition where young men live for some months purely on milk and products from the livestock only. The Mursi: The men in this tribe are known to put a light scar on their body after killing an enemy and shave geometric patterns on their head. The young men in this tribe are known for the stick fights which are prelude to selection by girls who decide amongst themselves who will ask the hand of the winner in marriage. This tribe also lives around the Southern-Western Part. The Hamer: Also in the South, with complex system of age group with rituals which includes adrenaline rushing ceremony of "jumping of the bull" which is the final test to pass into adulthood. Generally, there are over 77 tribes and nationalities in Ethiopia and depending on the direction you choose to trek, tour you are bound to come across many of these tribes with rich cultures from thousands of years.

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