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We offer Special Ethiopian and extend tours to Eastern African Countries through our Extension Tour Travel Packages and special offers which can be for group or individual. We work with Associates across and beyond the shores of Ethiopia to make your traveling experiences Eventful. We also offer various assistances at all International & Domestic airports inside the country and around the Eastern Africa Countries that our Program covers.

Events Tours & Organisers' package across the East Africa includes trips to Nairobi- Kenya, Djibouti, Sudan and so on. We can also have specialized-custom or tailored Packages organized to meet your needs.

Our packages of extended cross countries of services which includes Transportation, Car Hire, Tour Guide, Hotel & Airline Reservations, Tour coordination and Planning.

Either you are traveling alone, we can organise for you to join or network with other groups traveling in your direction. You can click our Package Link to see our various extended Tour Packages and for further information Contact us at Events Tours and organisers.


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We offer flexible hours day or night to meet all of your Travel needs and schedules. We offer Special Ethiopian and extend to Eastern African countries Travel Packages and deals, whether it's business, individual or family we work with Associates that can be of assistance at all International & Domestic airports inside the country and Eastern Africa.

We provide services which include of Trade fairs and Exhibitions Organizing and Marketing, User group Conferences, Vender show cases, Customer appreciation events, Hospitality Events, Sales Meetings, Product Launches, Press/analysts Meetings, and Companies Retreats.

With services from preparing communication materials, before and on occasion transportations, housing and hotel reservations, Multi-lingual services, usher services, stage management, Translation & interpretation, materials with production services such as videos, catering services

For further information about our Services or 'our Contacts...' to directly have your needs attended to by our Associates and Agents. If you are making plans to come and you need further enquiries about our services or the services you require please click to fill your request/enquiry form.